Jeopardy! (1984)
genre: Game-Show
Network: Syndication
IMDB: 8.3/10
RunTime: 30 min
Story: On the heels of the syndicated success of "Wheel of Fortune, " producer Merv Griffin decided to return his classic quiz show-with-a-twist, "Jeopardy!" to the airwaves in 1984. It, too, was a huge success, and also marked a return to the game's tried-and-true formula of answers and questions (after a slightly-modified remake six years earlier failed to catch on). Three contestants, including a returning champion, competed. Six categories are announced (e.g., Art World, Cooking, 20th Century Republicans, "Friends" (the TV series), Muscle Men and College Girls Wearing White T-shirts), each having five answers ostensibly graded by difficulty, from $100 to $500. The champion chose a category and dollar amount (e.g., "College Girls Wearing White T-shirts for $100"), to which host Trebek reads the answer ("Inspector 12 must give her seal of approval before a college girl can wear one of these plain white T-shirts"). Contestants had to respond in question form ("What is Hanes?") ; if correct,...
Season 54
Season 54 Episode 60 TBA, Jon Beebe, Robert Weibezahl
Episode 59 TBA, Robin Devereux, Stephanie Garrone-Shufran
Episode 58 Kevin Shrum, Madeline Wilson, Emlen Smith
Episode 57 2017-03-21
Episode 56 2017-03-20
Episode 55 Grant McSheffrey, Rebecca Wald, Holly Stewart
Episode 54 2017-03-16
Episode 53 2017-03-15
Episode 52 2017-03-14
Episode 51 2017-03-13
Episode 50 TBA, Adam Lapetina, Jessica Johnston
Episode 48 TBA, John Paul Gove, Annie Marggraf
Episode 46 Rob Liguori, Alison Maguire-Powell, Ernie Sykes
Episode 45 Rob Liguori, Trish Floyd, Jeff Brown
Episode 40 S33 College Championship Final Game 2
Episode 39 S33 College Championship Final Game 1
Episode 38 S33 College Championship Semifinal Game 3
Episode 37 S33 College Championship Semifinal Game 2
Episode 36 S33 College Championship Semifinal Game 1
Episode 35 S33 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 5
Episode 34 S33 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 4
Episode 33 S33 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 3
Episode 32 S33 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 2
Episode 31 S33 College Championship Quarterfinal Game 1
Episode 30 Kirstin Cutts, Sara Callori, Brandon Beckler
Episode 29 TBA, Megan Hersman, Kate Reed Hauenstein
Episode 28 Jody Jabbora, Carl Falstrom, Kirstin Cutts
Episode 27 2017-02-07
Episode 26 2017-02-06
Episode 25 TBA, Tyler Johnson, Marion Montgomery
Episode 24 TBA, Warren Toland, Sean Dennison
Episode 23 2017-02-01
Episode 22 2017-01-31
Episode 21 2017-01-30
Episode 20 Christy Karras, Lisa Schlitt, Paul Cox
Episode 19 TBA, Christy Karras, Josiah Drewien
Episode 18 2017-01-25
Episode 17 2017-01-24
Episode 16 2017-01-23
Episode 15 TBA, Cathy Harding, Hardy Clervil
Episode 13 TBA, Aaron Ellis, Sherri Cohen
Episode 12 John Avila, Andrea Keppers, Pete Tachibana
Episode 11 2017-01-16
Episode 9 TBA, Sarah Labadie, Cheryl Guy
Episode 8 TBA, Zoey Orol, Alain Norman
Episode 7 Blair Moorhead, Colby Taylor, Libby Hunt
Episode 6 2017-01-09
Episode 5 Joe Bartolomeo, Dante Atkins, Christina Bussmann
Episode 4 TBA, Joe Bartolomeo, Kelsey Morgan
Episode 3 Amanda Berofsky, Rich Betz, Megan Soto
Episode 2 Gavin Mulligan, Rebecca Glass, Amanda Berofsky
Episode 1 2017-01-02