Call of the Cuckoo (1927)

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country: USA
genre: Comedy, Short
Actors: Charlie Hall, Fay Holderness, Lyle Tayo, Lillian Elliott, Edgar Dearing, Leo Willis, Otto Fries, Frank Brownlee, Spec O'Donnell, James Finlayson, Max Davidson, Charles Meakin, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, Charley Chase
Director: Clyde Bruckman
Story: Max wants to sell his home, because of the crazy neighbours. Somebody else wants to get rid of his house, too, so they swap. But that house turns out to be a chaos of installation. The lights are not connected with the right switches, gas and water are mixed up, and the floor has a list, too. During the house-warming party, it comes to a battle between two relatives, who have little respect for others property, but that's not the worst blow for Max that evening...

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