10 Brothers of Shaolin (1977)

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country: Hong Kong, Taiwan
genre: Action, Drama
Actors: Don Wong, Yi Chang, Ling Chia, Kuang Hu, Chung Yen, Yi Lung Lu, Kau Chen, Wei Tung, Fei Lung Huang, Kar Yan Leung, Luo Hui Shaw, Kuo Hui Wang, Hsiao Lung, Kai Chia, Li-pao Ou, Kuan Hsiung Huang, Li-tso Liu
Story: A rare and classic kung fu film, 10 BROTHERS OF SHAOLIN provides solid action and fighting, as Ming/Shaolin rebels confront Ching forces in the Chinese countryside. Starring a veritable who's who of Hong Kong action, from Don Wang Tao (Secret Rivals) to Philip Ko Fei (Secret Rivals 2) to Chang Yi (Blazing Temple).

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