The Flame and the Arrow (1950)

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country: USA
genre: Action, Adventure, Romance
Actors: Robert Douglas, Aline MacMahon, Lynn Baggett, Virginia Mayo, Norman Lloyd, Sam Harris, Ethan Laidlaw, Nick Cravat, Jack Mower, Leon Belasco, Francis Pierlot, Gordon Gebert, Phillip Pine, Robin Hughes, Victor Kilian, Sue Casey, Norman Leavitt, Burt Lancaster, Philip Van Zandt, Frank Allenby
Director: Jacques Tourneur
Story: Twelfth-century Lombardy lies under the iron heel of German overlord Count Ulrich 'The Hawk', but in the mountains, guerillas yet resist. Five years before our story, Ulrich stole away the pretty wife of young archer Dardo who, cynical rather than embittered, still has little interest in joining the rebels. But this changes when his son, too, is taken from him. The rest is lighthearted swashbuckling, plus romantic interludes with lovely hostage Anne.

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